Monday, April 23, 2012

40K Rules Complaints

Please leave in the comments your complaints about the rules in Warhammer 40k.  Please be specific as to why you believe the rule in question is a bad, imbalancing rule, and leave as much detail as possible (especially where the rule is located, if there's any errata, if you house-rule it, suggestions to fix it, etc.).

Wargaming thanks you.


  1. True LoS:

    If an enemy unit has LoS to only one of the models in my unit, why can the entire unit be wiped out?

    We should cap the number of wounds a unit can take, to the number of visible models in that unit.

    10 man unit, enemy unit has LoS to 3 models (the rest are behind a building or something), even if the enemy unit has 20 models firing, the maximum amount of wounds my unit can take is 3.

  2. Here's some stuff we've already got, and it's on our 1d4chan page:

    General Rules
    1. Wound Allocation
    2. Points level for Tournament play
    3. Heavy/special weapons forced to fire at same thing as rest of unit
    4. Lack of scenarios
    Space Marines Rules Bitching
    1. Rhino cost
    2. Lack of love for Black Crusaders and Shadowy Angels compared to Space Vikings, Space Vampires, and Blue Ubermarines
    The Corrupted Rules Bitching
    1. Codex: Devils not incorporated into overall Corrupted codex.
    2. Spawn sucks
    3. See 1 for the Eye of Scary codex as well
    IG Rules Bitching
    1. Buff Deathwhack missile launcher for non-Armageddon play
    Eldar Rules Bitching
    1. Buff Ghostbot squad/drop cost or something
    Dark Eldar Rules Bitching
    (Honestly don't know any issues with them. Maybe fix Venom spam?)
    Orks Rules Bitching
    1. Warbuggy needs to not suck or at least be viable
    Necron Rules Bitching
    (Again, dunno any issues here)
    'Nids Rules Bitching
    1. Carnvorex needs to not suck
    2. Ditto for tyrannosaurex (Lower point cost?)
    3. Pyrobeast needs to not suck (longer range probably)
    4. Alpha warrior needs to be able to ride in Squishy Transport Pod
    Notau Rules Bitching
    1. BS 4 Flame Warriors
    2. drones don't count towards 25% casualties for checks
    3. Suits aren't elite, or at least have larger squad sizes
    4. Bugmen need to not suck.
    5. Octopus Transport isn't mandatory for Paizofinders.
    6. Rail rules from 6th ed "leak"?
    Not Fire-dykes Rules Bitching
    1. The entire damn codex.
    Not Grey Knights?
    1. Cost increases across the board, notably for psycannon ammo
    2. What Plasma Siphon?